The Peer Pressure Issue
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date November 21, 2008
Written by Michael Gelbart
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The Showdown Issue
The Fake Out Issue
The Peer Pressure Issue is the seventh episode of season 2.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

When Amanda's friend Caitlin visits, she's mean to Amanda's friends but Amanda won't listen. Noah, Wilder, Rebecca and Michael decide to confront Amanda and tell what's been going on. Amanda doesn't believe it until Caitlin makes fun of Rebecca in front of her. Amanda is upset when she sees one of her friends hurt by her best friend and their friendship ends. Amanda says that if she did not join buzz and have great friends, she'd still be mean.

Plot 2Edit

Rebecca gets her first cell phone but can't really figure how to work it that well.

Plot 3Edit

The boys enter a televised Pizza Patrol contest, even though Michael can't stand the show. Michael pretends he's in love with the show so Wilder and Noah would continue to be his friends. Michael is worried that if he told them they wouldn't like him for who he is. During the competition Michael is on fire; he answers the questions like he really knew the show. But freaks out at the final questions and confesses how he hates the show. But turns out what he was saying was correct. Wilder and Noah reassured Michael they liked him for who he is and that they would always be friends

Guest StarsEdit

Genelle Williams, Jeff Geddis & Hannah Lochner

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