The show is known for its many recurring signature gags, running from action to catchphrases.



DJ is constantly teased because she eats a lot of chocolate.

Hitting on GuyEdit

DJ is always hitting on someone and it usually ends badly.

High School YearEdit

Its a running gag hearing about DJ's terrible High school years.

"Do kids still say that?"Edit

DJ is always trying to stay cool and hip so say stuff like " all that and a bag of biscuit".

"Is he seeing the lunch lady?"Edit

Suspects that Andrew is with the lunch lady because she gives him looks is going on with DJ a lot.


Lunch InterruptedEdit

Mr.Shepherd is always stop while eating his lunch to listen to the kinds problems.

Clubs Edit

Mr. Shepherd is always running every club: the mine club, cooking club, drama club...etc....


"Hello Daddy's assistant"Edit

Amanda constantly calls Daddy's assistant to do her dirty work. This is seen in almost every episode she barks at him to do things like pack her bags, remind her things, and take care of her egg monitor(technically Wilder's)


It a constant gag of how Wilder treats her like a princess even at her shrewest times


Amanda is known to only wear "Figurrucia" brand clothes.It has been mentioned in episodes such as "The First Impression Issue"



"Awestruck" is used a lot in the series.


Changing "Awestruck" to something different

Crazy CommentsEdit

Wilder always says strange thing like groundhog's is a holiday.

Lack of IntelligenceEdit

The WilderwichEdit

Big sandwichs with extra everything.

Being the first to knowEdit

Wilder is almost always the first to know stuff about Amanda of the other four. He was the first to know she was never kissed. He was the first to know Amanda was leaving and the first to find out her step mom was pregnant.

Short PantsEdit

Wilder constantly wears short pants throughout the series.


"Oh Dear"Edit

Rebecca says oh dear every time something bad or nervousing happens. Such as when she kissed Wilder.


Throughout the series it is constantly mentioned that Rebecca kissed Elliot an English boy on top of the Eiffel Tower on a full moon in Paris.


Rebecca through out the series was kissed by three guy while dating Noah, Noah, Elliot and Wilder.


Good Witch, Bad witchEdit

So many times the song or movie parts are seen recreated.

Being wrongEdit

In case such as Michael can't act and Rebecca got a good review. Michael is wrong and takes it badly.

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